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Privacy Policy

ThoughtWorld, LLC (“ThoughtWorld”), the provider of the online user community and related websites and digital properties (the “Platform”) permits only real people to contribute thoughts or vote on the Platform.


  1. Your Opinions. ThoughtWorld will never share your opinions with anyone without your express permission. Protecting your privacy is one of our core values. We know that you will not feel safe to share your opinions unless you know that we will keep them confidential, and we will.
  2. Your Identity. To maintain the integrity of the Platform, we must ensure that people cannot use multiple aliases to skew voting results, and that bots cannot pose as real people to game the system. To protect your identity, we will not reveal your screen name. To prove you are a real person, ThoughtWorld collects the following information from you:


  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile telephone number
  • Your physical residence address or registered voting address

We use this information to validate you as a real person at a specific residence or voting address. This allows us to aggregate information you provide with the information from others in your geographic area.

3. Our Service Providers. ThoughtWorld uses various service providers to support the Platform. All of these service providers are under confidentiality obligations to ThoughtWorld and have agreed to keep your information confidential and not to use it except when necessary in providing services for us. Our vendors include:


  • Hosting companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Authentication services
  • Identity verification services

4. Connection Invitations. ThoughtWorld customers may request to be connected with people who like a particular thought or combination of thoughts. In those circumstances, ThoughtWorld may offer you the opportunity to be connected with its customer. If you refuse the invitation, neither your identity nor the fact that you refused the connection invitation will be revealed to the customer. If you accept the connection invitation, the customer will be given your real name and email address (but not your screen name).

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