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Chief Curator

Michael leads ThoughtWorld’s curation team in helping users state clear and organized thoughts, ensuring the voting stays fun and frequent as users roam ThoughtWorld’s mountain ranges and islands. Michael is an editor and entrepreneur serving at the intersection of language, liberty, and learning. As the founder of Good Comma Editing and Good Comma Classroom, Michael and his network of editors have edited more than 5 million client words for a diverse network of executives within Fortune 100 companies, national media, lawmakers, and international ministries.

Michael has given legislative testimony in two states and has published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, World magazine, The Washington Times, The Federalist, Townhall.com, and others. He is a Club for Growth Foundation Fellow (’21), board chair of the Miami Valley Women’s Center, and board secretary of the Forge Leadership Network. His patient wife classically homeschools their four children. Michael graduated from Hillsdale College in 2004. His favorite ThoughtWorld core values are truth and respect.

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