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Chief Customer Officer

Lessie Russell is known for designing best-in-class customer experiences that delight customers, create strong customer loyalty, and produce raving fans. A transformational CX leader and strategist, Lessie brings 15+ years of multisector expertise in the delivery of global and enterprise-level customer-focused cultures, programs, departments, and CX teams. Lessie designs human-centered processes and systems with customers in mind, anticipating and relieving customer pain points before they arise. Her customer-focused ecosystems scale elegantly and effectively, powering ThoughtWorld’s customer growth engine.

Lessie’s second love is being committed to creating best-in-class employee experiences and CX mentorship; helping develop team members in achieving CX success as they grow their career and engage with others; and preparing them to successfully aid their future organizations to produce excellent customer experiences.

Past renowned industry partners have relied on Lessie and her teams to create consistent and valued customer experiences through hard-to-find traits, such as strong service leadership skills, dedicated focus to understanding the customer journey, expert-level methodologies, and metrics that measure success. She enjoys synthesizing and analyzing customer insights to inform strategies that improve the end-to-end customer experience.

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