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Creative Director

Eric Browning is a 30-year veteran of the video game industry, having spent the last 17 years at Blizzard Entertainment working on titles such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. No longer content to sit at the same desk for years making art for the same company, Eric joined ThoughtWorld to sit at a different desk for years making art for a different company—this time for a universe without elves. Probably.

Now Eric leads a team of artists charged with creating a world limited only by the bounds of human imagination. As ThoughtWorld’s Creative Director, Eric pushes the boundaries of creative exploration to help thinkers ignite their curiosity to think new things, reward their creativity with art and beauty, and build a virtual world that is both safe and balanced.

But to be honest, at night Eric becomes a trojan horse that sneaks into ThoughtWorld as it sleeps, infusing it with creative imagery designed to surprise, amuse, and occasionally shock ThoughtWorld’s users, who wake up each morning to a fresh, limitless world.

Eric received a degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University, where he also met his wife, Vivian. They have three grown children and live in Orange County, California.

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