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Many data providers can tell you what people think/like/want.
At ThoughtWorld, we tell you why.

Isn’t it time you had the power of why?

Why did people buy GameStop?

  • Anti-Institutional Spite
  • Value Analysis
  • Contrarian Tendencies
  • Product Loyalty
  • Hedge fund arbitrage
Online Store

Why do my customers prefer my products?

  • Your most loyal customers are less price sensitive and more focused on quality.
  • Your new target market is more price sensitive.
  • People buy your products because of the social stand you take on other issues.

Why do people vote for me?

  • They despise your personality but love your policy
  • They don’t trust you, but you are the lesser of two evils
Digital Marketing

Why are people motivated to vote?

  • They intensely support change but are not convinced the challenger can deliver
  • Their lives are generally better but they’re frustrated with current leadership

Ready to know why?

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