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IDEAS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD A world of ideas where you can safely share opinions and collaborate with others to change the world. Explore the world

Your opinions matter

Explore a world of thoughts where you can actually see how ideas relate to each other.  As ideas gain traction, they rise in altitude.  Share your opinions, suggest new thoughts, and watch the world change.  The world is ready for big thinkers – it’s waiting for you!

The World

ThoughtWorld is an online platform not centered on pretty pictures, or keeping up with friends, or advocating for causes. It is about ideas. People are hungry for a forum where they can share ideas without being yelled at, laughed at, or cancelled. ThoughtWorld provides a safe place to explore new thoughts, anonymously interact with other verified real people, and collaborate on new ideas. The world will change every morning to reflect people’s opinion of your thoughts, so go explore the world!

How It Works

Real People

Identity verification ensures that only real people, participating anonymously, can vote or submit thoughts.

Single Thoughts

Each thought is a single idea with a reason. Submit your thought and an experienced curator will help perfect it.


Join with other thinkers to form new thoughts and share your thoughts with your friends.

Trusted People

Liked thoughts lead to trusted people, who help you know what to believe and expand what you see.


Mountains and valleys will show you popular thoughts and how public opinion changes over time.

Virtual World

You can navigate the virtual world to discover subjects and ideas that will expand your knowledge.

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